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DocCheck has many years of experience in the field of quantitative online market research. Regardless of your area of study, from rheumatoid diseases to diabetes to coronary heart disease, we have experience in surveys involving a variety of indications.

Due to the high speed, the low cost and the high quality of data, we prefer to execute our surveys online. Furthermore, this option allows for a high degree of anonymity for the respondents, which is important especially when dealing in a study with sensitive fields of research.

From the initial idea to the presentation of the final results and findings, your market research is in good hands. We provide support in the conception and design of your survey and are happy to assist you with drafting a web-optimized questionnaire custom-tailored to your topic and target group.

Project phases

  1. Conception of the questionnaire
  2. Scripting / programming
  3. Recruitment of the participants
  4. Conduction of the interviews
  5. Honorarium payments
  6. Creation of code frame and coding
  7. Statistical evaluation
  8. Creation of the final report


We get the fieldwork done quickly and efficiently: With 209,000 panelists in our database of healthcare professionals, our panel is the largest of its kind in Germany. We are therefore able to recruit your target samples exceptionally quickly. The range and quality of our pool of healthcare professionals can be viewed in our panel statistics.

As soon as the survey has been started, we provide you with a link to our online reporting so that you can follow the progress of the survey at any given moment.

The results are not only delivered in the form of a volume of tables - we compile a clear report, which, in addition to graphical depictions that are easy to follow, includes a Management Summary of all important findings. On request, we will present the results of the survey at your offices or send you a short video presentation of the core results.

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