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Whether there is a new subject area or a need of deeper understanding in general issues: qualitative methods are the ideal tool when it comes to the understanding of causal connections. Qualitative research is most applicable for differentiated and detailed description of opinions, experiences or habits that prevail in your target group. The focus lays on exploration and gaining of insights on the basis of ‘psychological representativeness’: a small group of experts with different perspectives and experiences is intensely monitored or interviewed on the basis of a semi-standardized study guide.

Upon request, we validate the gained results for you with help of a quantitative approach after your qualitative research. In this way you can verify the importance and the potential of the determined individual opinions of your target group and check your previously established hypothesis.

Qualitative interviews via internet

Classical qualitative approaches like face-to-face-interviews or group decisions don’t necessarily need to take place in studios anymore, thanks to the internet! This offers many advantages in the daily practice: even experts living far apart from each other and having a low time budget can be invited to online-interviews in a flexible and time-efficient manner. Qualitative interviews can simply be handled via webcam and skype, without losing nonverbal communication. You, as our client, are taking part in the interview – depending on your study approach you actively participate or function as silent observer. 

Next to expert interviews, we additionally offer focus-groups and ‘CoCreation’. These are research communities, where experts can be interviewed within a given time window, in order to achieve a comprehensive description of specific processes. For example, experts can report their daily working experiences and debate issues actively. Further, experts can participate in diary surveys or in ‘CoCreation-sessions’, in order to develop new product improvement or marketing ideas together.

Respondents have the opportunity to answer many questions whenever they find the time – in the morning, during the day, in the evening or at night – regardless of the other respondents. Through this joint exchange of relevant topics over a given period of time, the answers of the survey gain closeness to everyday life: respondents observe their typical and study relevant behaviors and are immediately able to correct or specify their answers.

Through the integration of multimedia formats, different situations, classification systems or processes can be documented and shared via photos or short videos. It enables to identify habits and behaviors that are unconscious to participants and otherwise would not be mentioned by them.

The responsibility of a good moderation is to keep the communication active and to dig deeper when interesting aspects come up, also by keeping possible safety events in mind. You as client are participating live and can follow the discussions comfortably from your office. By using the chat function, you can share your thoughts and requests with the moderation team. They will take up your comments and regard them in the further moderation. In this way, an in-depth dialog is developed.

Therefore, if you have specific questions, that you want to investigate with help of healthcare professionals, we offer you various qualitative research methods, selected to be most suitable to reach your goal.

Interested? Please contact us! We gladly advise and investigate for you.

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