Multi-topic survey: The DocCheck MediBus

You need prompt answers to some focused questions for a rather favorable price? In this case, the different lines of our DocCheck MediBus are available.

How does it work? Just send us your formulated questionnaire and we interview physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in the context of omnibus surveys – reliable and cost-efficient.

Two days after the fieldwork is completed, you receive your results as a clearly arranged report table.

Exactly what you need? Hop on a bus!




The Doccheck MediBus for GPs/nurses/pharmacists & pharmaceutical technicians

Deadline:              Every 1st and 3rd working Tuesday of the month

Results:                2-3 working days after field work

Number of cases: n= 150/300 GPs/nurses/ pharmacists & pharmaceutical technicians

Costs:                   490,-/640,-€ per closed question
                             790,-/940,-€ per open question incl. coding

The Doccheck MediBus for specialists

Deadline:              After agreement

Results:                2-3 working days after field work

Number of cases: n= 50/100 specialists of one discipline

Costs:                   390,-/490,-€ per closed question
                             540,-/740,-€ per open question incl. coding


What are the benefits of the MediBus?

Fast: Efficient and results-oriented implementation of your questions, delivery of results after 2-3 working days

Cost efficient: You share the costs with other clients – especially effective if you only have a few questions to ask

Flexible: Several bus lines will guide you to your healthcare target group of interest

Reliable: Professional qualifications...certified HCPs, reliable sampling

Top service: In addition to your individual questions, sociodemographic information are included

How does the DocCheck MediBus work?

Share the costs of the studies' set-up, recruitment and fieldwork with other passengers by integrating your questions in our multi-topic surveys. Thus the survey will be significantly cheaper than an exclusive survey – especially, if you only have a few focused questions.

After the completion of the survey, you receive the data of your questions. Furthermore, statistical information about the federal state, size of office, hospital or pharmacy, as well as age and gender of the HCPs are included – without additional costs.

When do I receive my results?

You receive the results already two to three working days after the completion of fieldwork in a clearly arranged Excel table. If desired, we also provide you with your results in SPSS.

We gladly offer services such as questionnaire creation, presentation of results or management summary upon request.

Which method is used to conduct the survey?

The DocCheck MediBus is a quantitative online survey. The recruitment is carried out using a (stratified) random sample selection of the participants from the healthcare panel of DocCheck.

That is how you will reach your desired healthcare target group in an easy and cost-efficient way!

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