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Are you a market research institute that would like to carry out a survey with healthcare professionals? DocCheck offers the ideal conditions for speedy recruiting with high quality data.


With more than 230,000 participants, DocCheck has the largest panel of medical specialists in Germany at hand. Among these specialists are 90,000 doctors and 26,000 community pharmacists - all with proof of identity by providing certificates or licenses to practice. Our panel is representative with regards to various demographic factors, as can be seen by comparison of our current panel statistics with the official reprensentation statistics of the German medical association or the German federal association of pharmacists. 

We are able to offer short fieldwork phases thanks to the size of our panel, even in the case of more complex studies and "exotic" target groups.

To gain an initial overview of the costs involved, simply make use of our field calculator. This allows you to easily and quickly gauge the financial parameters involved in recruiting your required samples. Please contact us for a more detailed quote and further information. Your enquiries are most welcome.






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