The patient, the well-known being

To acquire exact information on the application of your product, it often makes more sense to have individual patients documented by the doctor than to question the medical professional on his/her prescription habits. Elsewise there is a danger that many doctors will resort to ideal-case scenarios in their responses and thereby not consider that, because of their medical histories, many patients are not typical patients. In this case, a patient documentation can remedy this situation. The advantage? You receive a clearly differentiated and undistorted image of your end consumer.

Among others, a patient documentation is suitable for the following questions:

  • What patient profiles can be identified? 
  • From what other therapy options do patients switch to your product?
  • At what dosage level is your product prescribed?

Due to the variety of medical symptoms, in the end, no two patient documentations are alike. Therefore, for patient documentations, we use software that is individually expandable and can be adapted to your specific needs. Controls for plausibility and completeness ensure that high data quality is maintained.

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