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Do you want to conduct a study and search for a way to think outside the box of statistical analysis? Your subject is complex, aimed at rare experts - and you hope that you will find participants in the sample who have collected special experiences with rare diseases or special active substances? Do you want to exchange ideas with these experts directly and openly, to get a feel for the kind of physicians you are involved with and what practical experiences their answers are based on?

Then use our Open Panel and seek direct, open expert exchange!


The DocCheck Open Panel is our door opener for research and dialogue. It is based on a voluntary de-anonymization of the participants of a traditional online survey for a follow-up survey. Ahead of the initially anonymous survey, participants are informed about the possibility of subsequent contacting and may specify at the end of the survey, whether they agree to it or prefer to stay anonymous.

Based on the survey results and individual statements, you as a customer can decide, whether the follow-up questioning of certain participants is helpful to you. If so, the open panel participants will be contacted and invited to an expert exchange, e.g. in form of a Skype interview or joint conference call - depending on your needs.

In addition to our moderation role at DocCheck, we take care of a straightforward and reliable processing and ensure a transparent, neutral conversation atmosphere to all participants, so that an open dialogue is possible.


The open panel approach offers you the possibility to discuss the results of your study openly and directly with certain participants - maximum transparency and openness for a full understanding of the counterpart:

  • In-depth analysis of topics and discussion of complex issues in a direct expert exchange
  • Holistic understanding of expert statements, profound and reliable clarification of comprehension questions
  • Dialog-driven research approach that offers clients and study participants the opportunity to exchange on specific topics and credibly discuss tricky issues

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