Immersing, Listening & Learning: Insight Diving in the DocCheck ComLabor

Your goal

Do you need depth and want to causally understand the behaviors and the reasons for decision of your target group? Do you need answers to the "why?" and want to find out what emotionally moves your target audience?

Why not open a DocCheck ComLabor and invite your target group for an intensive exchange and dialogue?

A ComLabor can be implemented flexibly depending on your questions and needs, as a protected online forum, chat or diary – personalized and tailored to your objectives.

Depending on the thematic focus, respondents can report their experiences with various progressions of disease, therapies, processes, habits or products, document everyday situations from their practice and express their attitude on various topics in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


Using an upstream screening survey, suitable participants for your ComLabor are recruited from the DocCheck panel or an external sample. Therefore, we select participants who meet very specific criteria, are highly related to the topic or show particularly creative and communicative involvement. 

Subsequently, we establish a closed and protected ComLabor for several days or weeks, in which participants can work on various subjects or tasks and discuss their contributions together - anytime, anywhere. Thereby, all advantages of the world wide web are being used: Participants can upload photos or other files, embed links, like and comment contributions of others and thus form a vibrant little community. At the same time, anonymity remains ensured: An open, trustful ambience is created, in which delicate and intimate experiences can be openly expressed.

You as a customer can be present as a silent observer and may actively influence the events by returning feedback and questions to the community through the DocCheck moderators.


  • The online focus groups moderated by DocCheck allow the exploration of complex decision contexts, attitudes and behavior patterns
  • You get profound, qualitative insights and thereby a fundamental understanding of the needs and expectations of your target group
  • High commitment of participants through open, dialog-driven dealing with a topic in a protected, anonymous and yet familiar environment on the DocCheck platform
  • Exploratory, interactive, at any time and place, mobile, multimedia
  • High flexibility: The main focus of a ComLabor is listening and learning. It can easily be expanded to a CoLabor - for joint development of new solutions and ideas based on our CoCreation approach.

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