Uncertainty has left the field!

Field service checks make it possible actively to capture and optimise the effect and sustainability of sales force tasks. By comparing your visits list with our panel, we can effectively select participants to be recruited for the study. A parallel recruiting process of doctors not visited is, of course, also possible. The direct comparison clearly shows you what influence your field service has on the perception of your product.

A field service check provides answers on: 

  • Intensity of visit: How frequently do the manufacturers visit? How long is a visit?
  • Message recall: Has the content of the discussion been remembered?
  • Success of message transmission: Is the content understandable, credible and relevant?
  • Folder test: How is the material evaluated?
  • Relation to field worker: In the doctor’s perception, how well is s/he supported?
  • Impact: Would the doctor adapt his/her prescription conduct in future?

Of course we offer field service checks as a tracking as well so that you can always monitor what message your competitor is targeting with the doctor and how your own presentation is perceived.

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