Many hands make light work: Let the experts get creative in the DocCheck CoLabor

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Are you looking for inspiration and do you want to make sure that your new concepts or products are ideally tailored to your target audience? Are you looking for THE relevant core message that helps you to better exploit your product? Do you need fresh ideas for your congress appearance?

Why don’t you simply use the creativity of your target audience and invite them to a DocCheck CoLabor?
CoCreation is more than just qualitative market research, it is a way of creative collaboration – selected experts discuss products or concepts together and in direct exchange and develop ideas for optimization. There are no limits to creativity and individuality. 


Selected participants are invited to a specifically established and protected online community - the DocCheck CoLabor -  to jointly solve different creative tasks. The community offers various forms of exchange: quick, time synchronous chats or flexible, time asynchronous discussion forums. This allows participants to take part independently of time and location – even while traveling or in specific situations.

Using diverse creative association and valuation techniques concepts or product information are jointly developed, discussed and evaluated.
You as a customer can watch the happenings live while we, the moderation team of DocCheck Research, faciliate the discussion continually and focus on what interests you most – individual and flexible.

Of course, we summarize the main ideas and insights of your audience clearly and to the ponit and derive individual recommendations of action for you. If desired, we put the new ideas through their paces by means of a quantitative survey.


  • Targeted development or optimization of new products or concept ideas in direct exchange with relevant specialists
  • Direct involvement of the target group and thus higher acceptance and practicability. Win inspiring insights – while being close to the needs of your target audience.
  • CoCreation is interactive, contemporary and works highly motivating into your target audience - the ideal condition to use the outcome and the results for a credible, engaging communication with your target audience

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