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By testing your advertising materials you can quickly and easily find out whether your new concept will achieve the goals set. Areas of application include classical advertisements, folders, banners or e-detailing. We can test your drafts against alternatives proposed by your marketing agency and/or against the advertising material of your competitors. If no comparable advertising material is available, our benchmarks will assist you in evaluating the quality of your concept.

An advertising test can determine:

  • Recall: How quickly and effectively is the advertising material recalled?
  • Reception of the message: What do test participants perceive to be the main content?
  • Brand fit: Does the concept suit the product/manufacturer?
  • Profile/tonality: Which properties/what style are/is associated with the advertising material?
  • Impact: Does the advertising material stimulate the use of the advertised product?
  • Favouring: Which draft is preferred?

The content, of course, could be adapted and expanded according to your requirements. When testing advertisements, we like to use attention tracking, for instance, to assess which parts of the advertisement are particularly attractive.

How does attention tracking work?

Attention tracking is similar in its function to the classical eye tracking method, although much more cost-effective. It is used to discover which graphic elements and texts generate exceptional attention and which are entirely overlooked.

To track eye movement, the advertising material is shown for a predetermined length of time. The survey participants are asked to view the picture at leisure and to use the mouse to follow the movement of their eyes over the picture. The mouse acts as a magnifying glass to ensure a maximum of intuitivity. The mouse movements are saved and transferred to heat maps, which clearly show which areas of the advertisement attract the viewer's' attention and which are only seen fleetingly.

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