Veterinary panel: Of mice and men


In Germany, around 40,000 veterinarians are registered with the federal veterinarian chamber. We have 5,300 veterinarians on our panel. Of those, veterinarians in private practice are in the majority, and of those, the majority are general practitioners and small animal specialists.


DocCheck Panel Germany - Veterinarians (n=5,376)

 (February 2017)



We are also well-established internationally. At the moment, we have around 1,800 veterinarians worldwide whom we can contact for you, and this is trending upward.

Countries with DocCheck Panel

Belgium 660           


If your target country is not represented on our panel, we can collaborate with a broad network of recruiting partners to realise your survey. In this manner we have carried out studies in various European countries, the USA, China and several other countries in recent years.

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