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More than 26,000 of the 62,000 pharmacists registered with the German union of pharmacist associations are also part of our panel - that amounts to more than 40%! We can therefore guarantee that your target group will be reached acutely and speedily. The following diagram illustrates the distribution of community and clinic-based pharmacists.


DocCheck Panel Germany - Pharmacists (n=26,575)

(February 2017)

Our studies are conducted entirely online, and therefore the behaviour of our target groups on the Internet is, of course, of great importance to us. To investigate this, we ran a DocCheck study in 2010, with 100 pharmacists, on relevant usage parameters. The results of this DocCheck study can be downloaded here (in German, though). One thing is certain: 97% of the pharmacists surveyed indicated that they use the Internet daily - ideal conditions for the running of online surveys!



We also conduct international studies with pharmacists regularly. More than 18,000 pharmacists outside of Germany have registered for our panel.

Countries with DocCheck Panel

France 6,600        
Belgium 6,400         
Switzerland 1,600         
Austria 1,100         


If your target country is not represented on our panel, we can collaborate with a broad network of recruiting partners to realise your survey. In this manner we have carried out studies in various European countries, the USA, China and several other countries in recent years.

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