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With the DocCheck password protection system, we have been able to put together a unique pool of medical specialists in Germany. More than 1,000,000 users have been registered with DocCheck already, and in Germany alone, about 233,000 of those users have declared themselves willing to participate in medical surveys. Physicians represent the largest sector, although dentists, pharmacists and medical students are also included in our community.

Maintaining a panel of consistently high quality is very important to us. All members of the specialist panels therefore must provide proof of a professional license or certificate.


DocCheck Panel Germany - Overview (n=233,674)

(February 2017)

Our panelists provide their demographic details as well as the setting (clinic, practice or research) in which they are professionally active, and the discipline in which they work. With these details we are in a position to recruit the required target group without wasting any time.

All panels are regularly and carefully updated. That way, we can ensure that current information is always available for our clients, and we are happy to share this information with you.

Have a look at our current panel statistics (as of March 2017).

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