Usually one would like to know the results of a market research survey yesterday. We can't turn back time, but we can at least speed time up. How do we do this? Through us, you can access one of the largest healthcare panels in Germany. Even for rare medical disciplines a field phase of 3-5 days is possible. While the survey is still in the field, you can view our online reporting and see the current status of your study and which results are on the horizon.

Does speed in market research imply a lower level of accuracy? The answer is "no". DocCheck places the utmost importance on accurate data that are rigorously tested for plausibility during and after the field phase. Additionally we work exclusively with healthcare professionals who have proven their professional identity. The selection of participants is strictly random. The representativeness of our participant pool is regularly checked with the statistics of the German medical association.

More precise information on our quality standards can be found in the answers to the 26 questions by ESOMAR [European Society for Opinion and Market Research]. With this catalogue of questions, ESOMAR established a standard for better ability to compare between various panel providers. A comparison we gladly make.

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