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DocCheck Research is your specialist for healthcare market research. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a clinic, a market research institute, a consulting firm or an educational institution, we have the perfect palette of services for you. We will gladly help you to reach your goals with our tailor-made solutions. To this end, we provide you with a competent team as well as one of the largest healthcare panels in Germany.

Freshly counted!

After the last database clean up as a part of a spring-cleaning in Q1/2019, we can further on shine with more than 260,000 panelists in the DocCheck Panel. In order to give you an overview of professions and specialists and their quantities within the DocCheck Panel, please look at our current panel statistic.


DocCheck Research gained new panelists

The new panel statistic is available and with it some good news: our physicians are multiplying. At DocCheck, we can provide you with over 230,000 panelists alone in Germany - and there are more every day! Recount directly and look over our new panel statistic.

You can't find your physicians at first glance?

No problem for the DocCheck Research team. Please contact us and we will seek them out!


Infopainment: Patients put pressure on physicians

DocCheck Research supports Bertelsmann Foundation and BARMER GEK with the "Gesundheitsmonitor 2016". 804 outpatient physicians of the DocCheck Healthcarepanel were surveyed on the topic of "selfinformed patients". read more


DocCheck MediBus Gynaecologists departs on 19th of April

The next DocCheck MediBus departs on the 19th of April 2016 and will take you directly to your destination: gynaecologists. You will get your results on the 10th of May 2016. For further information click here.


We proudly present: Our new panel statistics

At the beginning of the year, we’ve recounted our panelists and are delighted: In Germany alone, there are over 225,000 participants, including 81,000 physicians of all disciplines and 25,000 pharmacists. See more details here.


Come on board quickly! Current departure times of DocCheck MediBus

The next MediBuses with PTAs, pharmacists or general practitioners leave on: 03/01/2016 ---- 15/03/2016 ---- 29/03/2016 ---- 12/04/2016. See more information here.


Share for Care: Self-tracking physicians & patients view

"Well, how are we today?" In future, patients will be able to answer this typical question of their physician much more differentiated – and they’ll also want to: by means of self-tracking. Click here for more info on DocCheck Research study.


New at DocCheck: The MediBus

From now on, DocCheck Research offers cheap and fast multiple topic surveys with the DocCheck MediBus for GPs, specialists, pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Simply sign in: MedFahrzentrale.

Our strenghts are not only long-term experience und thus safe handling with the established methods of healthcare market research, but also versality and courage to face new challenges. Our customers (extract) know that:



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